Friday, 29 August 2014



The new short story for kids - a book about a Great Raft Race.

Included in the plot are the characters of Ian Fairweather the Artist, Eric the Emu, and of course the little Bribie friends who have had their personal stories outlined in the Bribie Tales Books. I enjoyed writing this one and it is aimed at the age group 6 - 9 yrs of age (or younger or older!). Grandparents may want to share this with their grand-children. A couple of new friends are introduced - Mia Mouse from Thailand, Amy Frillyneck, Liam and Gazza Green, and Granny Pobblebonk.

Reading stories about the life of artist Ian Fairweather was a strong motivator for the writing of this book. The story of his life, is indeed a story 'stranger than fiction'! Of great significance is when he attempted a raft journey from Australia to Timor which had almost disastrous consequences. He makes an appearance in the book as a mentor on raft building for Matilda and her friends Rocky, Lily and Scarlet. After all he survived a most perilous 16 day voyage (only just!) More info found at:

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