Thursday, 29 September 2016

Arabella's Caravan

Arabella's caravan set out on her journey of exploration. Twists and turns were discovered as she travelled the highways and byways which led from New South Wales to the border of Queensland and beyond. Arabella began to document the trip in her Artist Journal. Note: she favoured the abstract style.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hello Again.

Over a year and no posts from me. Rethinking the blog and its significance. Want to modify and include aspects of mixed media art to tell the story of TRAVEL. A new character will be introduced to the reader of Bribie Tales. The emerging story focusses on the travels of my new character around the great Island of Oz. Note: The Bribie Island characters in my previous stories may make some guest appearances from time to time.

The story begins when Arabella Axel purchases a caravan from a stranger at a rest stop on the Pacific Highway. She soon realises that the caravan has certain unique features. Sorry but I am unable to give any more details about her adventures at present but please 'stay tuned' as the saying goes.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015




I first visited the wonderful Island called Bribie four years ago. My husband and I rented a holiday home in Woorim with our grand daughters Charlotte and Amelia. The place gave many opportunities for our fertile imaginations and the BRIBIE TALES were born.

A couple of years later I was contacted by Tegan Lather who was interested in selling the BRIBIE TALES books at the 'Bribie Gone Wild Wildlife Festival' which she was organising. I began to follow her Facebook page and saw the post, which showed her collecting plastic garbage from the waters around Bribie. The idea for a book about PLASTIC SOUP began to grow and a new group was formed called the Combo Crusaders. consisting of Matilda, DJ, Caris, Rosie-May and Rocco. They set about creating a fund raising event PADDLE AGAINST POLLUTION to raise money for the cause of fighting the scourge of plastic soup in our oceans (see poster which Rosie-May designed!)

I hope you enjoy the tale (if you buy it!) profits from the book are being donated to WILDLIFE EMERGENCY at Bribie Island. See link below

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


New book published and ready to go - contact the author of the blog for details or view the link below.

Read the text below which was written with reference to the deadly soup presently accumulating in our oceans. Debris Soup Inc is a fictional soup company. Developed from ideas gained from A BOOK OF SURREALIST GAMES.

My book is called Plastic Soup. Take a look at the front and back covers below.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ratbags and Rascals

I have started to read "Ratbags and Rascals" funny stories by Robin Klein.

A collection of seventeen short stories, including The Anti Snore Machine, Parker Hamilton (about a family robot) and How Clara Bepps Put Strettle Street Properly on the Map. (Young Clara thinks her street is so boring but she soon rectifies this by adding stars on the footpath, a swimming pool inside a dissused house and a stage where you can bring something and take something.) 

Definitely a read to fire the  possibilities for the Bribie Bunch / Crew/ Pride. I think my definition of their characters will undergo a change from "proper" to perhaps ridiculous ratbaggy rascally creatures who show a slightely darker or unexpected side to their nature.

I remember, a couple of years ago I told the most ridiculous stories to Charlotte and Millie and they were rapt. I think the transfer of the spoken word to the written page has perhaps quieted the characters into behaving themselves.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Eric the Emu - guest appearances!

Eric the emu is a major celebrity on Bribie Island. He wanders all over the place. There is even a Facebook page about Eric and recently his story was picked up by  a major American Network.

He also made a few guest appearances in the Bribie Tales books. I guess he gets in a lot of places around Bribie! Check out the photos below:


He was watching outside a shed in the forest while a flying machine for Petulia Petunia the non flying pelican, was beiing made!

He was there when the Frilly Necks, Lily and Amy crossed the finish line first in "The Great Bribie Raft Race."

He was there with the Bribie Pride when Tila the most beautiful Turtle on Bribie Island was rescued from the turtle-nappers Poacher Pete and his friend.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Self publishing - doubts and all!

Writing the book "Mr Percival the Pelican" gave me opportunity to get into the role of writer and self publisher. Self publishing has been some journey and I am so thankful two committed ladies known as "The Twinnies" agreed to me writing a story for children, highlighting the great work which they do. To date I believe all books suppled to them, selling for $10 per copy has raised almost $800 for the TWINNIES PELICAN AND SEABIRD RESCUE CENTRE with which they are involved.

The process of Self publishing followed by the marketing of the book, is a certainly dynamic process and is not, I have found, for the faint hearted. Doubts flood in as the dollars going out don't match the dollars returning to the coffers. So how does one keep the dream alive? People. people, people, people do. Both the flesh and blood variety and the fictional imaginings.

The 'flesh and bloods' keep my dream alive when they ask me to sign the flyleaf of a book because one day they think I will be famous. The 'flesh and bloods' keep my dream alive when they buy repeat copies for another set of grand children. The 'flesh and bloods' keep my dream alive when they tick 'like' on my Facebook page.

The 'fictional imaginings' keep my dream alive when they nudge and disturb my negative nightmares. Ideas in bubbles start to appear, grow and then pop, spraying and soaking my "its never going to happen meanies" with growing possibilities. The "fictional imaginings' tell me their own story but say they need a voice - and I guess that is me for my favourite character Matilda the Water Mouse from Bribie Island!

C_S_Lewis  in his book "The Magician's Nephew" encourages to:

“Make your choice, adventurous Stranger,
 Strike the bell and bide the danger,
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
 What would have followed if you had.”   

So I guess I will keep on keeping on because I don't want to be left wondering what would have happened if    ....... !

Sunday, 14 December 2014


The phone call came and I heard the excited voice of my sister telling me to switch on the TV because the Twinnies with Dr Chris [Bondi Vet] were releasing the pelican Little Johnnie into her natural habitat.

Please note that Little Johnnie's story forms part of the story which Mr Percival relates in the book "Mr Percival the Pelican."[See previous posts 96.5 Family Show]

It was very moving to see Little Johnnie returning to her own environment. I noticed tears in the eyes of the Twinnies and I think Dr Chris looked moved also.

So glad I met these remarkable ladies, the Twinnies, and feel a bit chuffed that I could get into a small part of this fantastic work.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Lei-lei  Hi there,yes LOVED IT SO MUCH I CRIED WITH JOY as I read it out loud. We were so very happy and now little Deklin-John has seen it he goes straight to the page with his poppy and him at the beach and  he kissed that page. Yes my dear lady WE LOVE IT XXXXXX

Thanks so much for the feedback Lei Lei. 
It was a real pleasure to write the book. Janet

"Having been so pleased with our purchase of a set of your Bribie Island Tales, my wife and I would now like to purchase a further two sets (for two more lots of grandchildren)." WJH

"Recently I was introduced to a lovely little set of storybooks written for youngsters by Janet Jackson. These delightful little stories with gorgeous characters will certainly delight the young readers I have purchased the books for. Of course the books also have an extra special appeal as they relate to Bribie Island. I can almost hear the squeals of delight when my young grandson reads about the exploits happening "where Nan lives".
I am certain anyone who purchases these wonderful storybooks will be as thrilled with them as I am. I eagerly await more adventures with the Bribie tales crew."
Wendy M (Bribie Island)