Friday, 3 October 2014



A story of a search and rescue mission in Bribie

The next book is the beginning of a new series of books for children. The friendships have now been formed and the "Bribie Pride" meet for a  barbecue /picnic at Buckley's Hole. Remember it is a conservation park so very beautiful.

There is one member missing  and the cry goes up "WHERE IS TILA?"

Tila is a beautiful Turtle who loves to swim with her friends in the waters of the Pumicestone Passage. On her way to the barbecue she has been TURTLENAPPED!!

The Bribie Pride realise that something is wrong and the search to find Tila begins by road, sea and air.

Rocky leaps across roads, Lily and Amy paddle across the Passage, and Petulia takes to her hang glider for a bird's eye view.

Petulia is flying over the woodland when she sees Tila being bundled into a bag by two suspicious characters - one of them is POACHER PETE, the other has no name.

She relays a message back to Matilda and the rescue begins.

There is much crunching and punching and eventually the Pride succeds in gaining the release of their friend Tila.

What a great team the Bribie Pride are!

They stand for justice, loyalty and truth! WOW a hard act to follow!

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