Monday, 12 January 2015

Self publishing - doubts and all!

Writing the book "Mr Percival the Pelican" gave me opportunity to get into the role of writer and self publisher. Self publishing has been some journey and I am so thankful two committed ladies known as "The Twinnies" agreed to me writing a story for children, highlighting the great work which they do. To date I believe all books suppled to them, selling for $10 per copy has raised almost $800 for the TWINNIES PELICAN AND SEABIRD RESCUE CENTRE with which they are involved.

The process of Self publishing followed by the marketing of the book, is a certainly dynamic process and is not, I have found, for the faint hearted. Doubts flood in as the dollars going out don't match the dollars returning to the coffers. So how does one keep the dream alive? People. people, people, people do. Both the flesh and blood variety and the fictional imaginings.

The 'flesh and bloods' keep my dream alive when they ask me to sign the flyleaf of a book because one day they think I will be famous. The 'flesh and bloods' keep my dream alive when they buy repeat copies for another set of grand children. The 'flesh and bloods' keep my dream alive when they tick 'like' on my Facebook page.

The 'fictional imaginings' keep my dream alive when they nudge and disturb my negative nightmares. Ideas in bubbles start to appear, grow and then pop, spraying and soaking my "its never going to happen meanies" with growing possibilities. The "fictional imaginings' tell me their own story but say they need a voice - and I guess that is me for my favourite character Matilda the Water Mouse from Bribie Island!

C_S_Lewis  in his book "The Magician's Nephew" encourages to:

“Make your choice, adventurous Stranger,
 Strike the bell and bide the danger,
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
 What would have followed if you had.”   

So I guess I will keep on keeping on because I don't want to be left wondering what would have happened if    ....... !

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