Thursday, 27 November 2014

Book 13 - SCARLET (always full of bright ideas)

BRIBIE TALES feature the stories of small vulnerable creatures who live on Bribie Island in South East Queensland. The author has some fun with her characters and takes them on experiences and adventures with which a young child can identify.

Scarlet is a Greentree Frog is always having bright ideas. She has a birthday party in the Conservation Park called Buckley's Hole.

The food is "interesting" the games are fully fun and the guests are entertaining including Granny Pobblebonk. She is 100 and forgets things including the present which she spent ages wrapping!! She left it at home. She likes the cockroach jelly beacuse she has no teeth and doesn't have to chew the jelly!

The party brings many surprises the greatest of which is when Rocky the Rocketfrog takes her for a ride. A ride which she will never forget!

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